Share Your Story!

We want to share your stories about Bloody Clever Australians!

Do you remember who invented the wind up clothes line? The Goon Bag? Vegemite? Or the youngest woman to sail around the world?
They’re all Bloody Clever Australians, an inspiration to us all and should be remembered.
We’d love you to share your Bloody Clever Australian story with us. Here’s how: 

What’s Your Story?


Stories selected for publication must meet a simple criterion.

  • The person, and/or the clever idea, must have its origins in Australia and be original. For example, Pat Sullivan was born in Australia, eventually made the USA his home and created the Felix the Cat cartoons.
  • Photos submitted with stories MUST be royalty free or have authority to use. If no photo is available, or to avoid copyright issues, you can submit a drawing for us, should we choose to publish. Your story should be a maximum of 300 words and explain the journey taken to being bloody clever.
  • All stories selected for publication will be listed in STORIES and may have a caricature drawn.