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Help us drive an Education Revolution!

Our education system is broken, causing unprecedented levels of youth anxiety, depression and suicide. 76% of final year high school students don’t know what they want to be (‘Changing The Education Paradigm’ from the Centre of Strategic Education). This is a chronic, global, institutionalized problem, causing years of unnecessary unhappiness and costing taxpayers millions!

You can be the answer!

All we need is a simple change: to focus on the pursuit of purpose by planting the seed of early career thought.

We are creating vital parent-teacher resources to engage children in starting their journey towards answering: I KNOW WHAT I WANT TO BE!

‘Billie the Clever Pig’ resources are designed for parents and teachers to engage young minds in:

Critical Thinking
Problem Solving
Important Emotional Learning

The resources are fictionally based on clever people and their journeys to discover their individual ‘Why’. Their stories were selected because they show what is possible if you have a dream, some support, resilience, and the belief that pigs just might fly if you have a go! These selected ‘superheroes’ make us proud and help us to understand that collaboration can make dreams come true.

The Billie the Clever Pig series is professionally produced, tested in classroom environments, and modified to ensure message-resonance (with the assistance of the dedicated staff at Stewart House). They are currently for children in early stages 1-2. (Kindy to Year 2)

Resources for stages 3-4 and 5-6 are in development. They will dovetail with stage 1-2 resources, and have an emphasis on shifting to career possibilities and skills acquisition. Because if you have purpose, you have everything.

You can:

  • Read the Billie the Clever Pig book series to your students.
  • Download the Free Resources to help your students engage with the process of early career thought.
  • Encourage your students at every opportunity to acknowledge and develop their individual talents.
  • Tell your students Stories about those who have found their purpose – click to read and access sample stories.
  • Support our education revolution by purchasing flying pig merchandising! Every dollar spent is reinvested in supporting our long over-due education revolution (read more about Our Education Revolution).

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