Ryan Lavender was a beautiful young man who left us aged 28 because he could not find his purpose.

We are dedicated to help children find their purpose.

Ryan Lavender

Our Purpose


Is to help you to say I KNOW WHAT I WANT TO BE!


Do you know what you want to be?

We surveyed 200 high school students aged between 12 to 18 in Sydney public schools and 49% had absolutely no idea as to their purpose or career path.

29% said that having no idea made them anxious, stressed or worse.

This is national tragedy. An education system that breeds battery hens with no idea as to their purpose.If we were to conduct more surveys across Australia, we would merely gain statistical validation of what we already know: the education system fails to prepare children to actually leave school.

Working together, however, we can engage young minds in the pursuit of purpose, believing they have unlimited possibilities.

Bloody Clever is dedicated to inspiring an Education Revolution (please click on Education Revolution to read more), to ensure 100% students leave school knowing what they want to do or be.

With purpose, we have everything we need.


Global Institutionalised Problem

In a recently published paper titled CHANGING THE EDUCATION PARADIGM from the Centre of Strategic Education they quote a US research study indicating 76% of final year high school students had no idea of their purpose. This research backs up what we can see happening here in Australia. The system is what needs to change, on a ‘big picture’ level.

Report conclusion summary:

Hope grounded in concrete action is essential. Mazzucato states: ‘Challenges are the big goals [that] need to be brought together in different sectors. And then the powerhouse conclusion: ‘instead of just talking about purpose and stakeholder value, what does it mean to nest purpose in a system, not just in corporations, but in a system to affect public and private work together in new ways’ (Giridharadas, 2020).

Hope with ‘tangibility’; ‘nested purpose’: In short, hope can be a strategy if it is hitched to a compelling vision that is experienced.

Click here to view full report:

Our whole way of thinking about education needs addressing.

In step with an Education Revolution, we must help children into future home ownership at time of conception. An Australian Owned Home Revolution.

For all of our future prosperity we have to get cleverer. We need to create an IP (Bloody Clever) Revolution.


Do you know
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