… The resources are fictionally based on clever people and their journeys to discover their ‘Why’. Their stories were selected because they show what is possible if you have a dream, some support, resilience, and the belief that pigs just might fly if you have a go! These selected ‘superheroes’ make us proud and help us to understand that collaboration can make dreams come true.

Billie the Clever Pig eBook learning resource series are professionally produced, tested in classroom environments, and modified to ensure message-resonance with the assistance of the dedicated staff at Stewart House. They are for stage 1-2 aged children.

Resources for stages 3-4 and 5-6 are in development and dovetail with the stage 1-2 resource, with an emphasis on shifting to career possibilities and skills acquisition. This is a ‘HOW TO’ series based on the adventures of Leo and Stella ‘A Quest to Find Their Purpose’.

If you have purpose, you have everything.


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